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Sh*t GOP State Senators Say!

The Republican-led New York State Senate passed their budget resolution and removed the State's $770 million investment in the MTA's Capital Plan.

All hope is not lost, however. Governor Cuomo has the power to restore these funds. Earlier this year, he promised not to cut public transit funding.

With Senate Republicans playing politics with our transit system, Governor Cuomo needs to hear from you. Tell him: Restore the money for transit!

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Restore the Money!

Dear Governor Cuomo,

The New York State Senate voted to eliminate state investment in the MTA's Capital Plan. Millions of New Yorkers not only depend on the capital plan for safe, reliable service, but for jobs as well.

You made a promise earlier this year that you would keep transit fully funded.

We are counting on you to fulfill this promise. Albany should not be playing politics with my commute or with the state's economy.

Fund transit now.

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