Take Action: The NYPD Must Make Our Streets Safer

Clara Heyworth was killed at the hands of a driver who may have been drunk, may have been speeding, and definitely did not have a valid driver's license. He’ll never have to answer to a judge, however, because the New York City Police Department botched the investigation into the crash.

Clara's death in July 2011 is a tragedy. The police department’s handling of the case is an injustice. The NYPD waited four days after Clara passed away to begin their investigation. By then, any evidence that could have proven that the driver committed a crime, or proved him innocent, was long gone. Skid marks had disappeared. There was no longer an opportunity to test his Blood Alcohol Level. Even surveillance video in the area had already been wiped clean.

Clara’s tragedy isn’t an isolated incident -- it’s standard operating procedure for the NYPD. Their Accident Investigation Squad investigates less than ten percent of the crashes which they’re required to by law. In every other case, evidence of possible criminal conduct is ignored.

The NYPD is failing to thoroughly investigate these crashes!

The NYPD is failing to hold lethal drivers accountable!

The NYPD is failing to make our streets safe!

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