Last Chance! 2013's Final Citi Bike Poll


This is Transportation Alternatives' third (and final) Citi Bike poll. In January, your responses will be published in the first-ever "Citi Bike Report Card."

Transportation Alternatives is fighting to make Citi Bike better. You’re the expert and T.A. needs to hear from you!

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Question - Not Required - Will you renew your Citi Bike membership?

Question - Not Required - How often do you use Citi Bike?

Question - Not Required - Beyond expansion, what should Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio's number one priority for improving Citi Bike be?

Question - Not Required - It is getting cold. Will you continue to ride Citi Bike into winter?

Question - Not Required - How often do you need to press the wrench button to report a broken bike?

Question - Not Required - Be honest: Do you ever ride the wrong way (against traffic) on a one-way street on Citi Bike?

Question - Not Required - Would you use a "single fare" Citi Bike pass (for 45 minute, one-time use instead of full day or annual membership) if it were offered?

Question - Not Required - Rate your overall bike share experience:



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