BrainyActive Challenge 2022

The Hennessy Greens

The Covid 19 Pandemic has been difficult as we dealt with societal shut down to the best of our abilities. This time of isolation and anxiety was especially challenging for persons with dementia, their caregivers and families.

The death toll in institutional settings was a travesty and underscored the shortcomings of how we provide for older persons with dementia and chronic illness.

Being human we can easily forget our promise to our elders as other demands become more pressing. We can feel overwhelmed by the task of addressing the chronic underfunding of caring for older persons in Canada but our incremental effort is vitally important. We can create deep and meaningful change for the better.

 The Dementia Society of Ottawa and Renfrew County pivoted rapidly in response to the Pandemic and provided  support to many of the 25,000 persons afflicted with dementia in our region. 


As a board member I remain committed to the motto of this local charity “No one should face dementia alone”.

 My response to the Brainyactive Challenge is to institute my own Challenge to you!

 Let us meditate together for 10 minutes or so every day for           

                                      21 Days

 We foster physical fitness but we don’t really cherish our beautiful brains in the same manner.


The practice of meditation has been shown on fMRI studies to foster the growth of grey matter and it has numerous other health benifits.

This challenge can help you develop a wonderful habit, and lowering stress can stave off dementia in some cases.


 Join my team, by registering or donatie to the Hennessy Greens!


Beginning Wednesday September 1st ,

I will send, via email,  a daily recording of a little chat and a Meditation to those who are registered on my team The Hennessy Greens.

Click on the link at your convenience in your own precious life.

Pause, notice and appreciate your presence.


Your contribution will be a huge help in funding The Dementia Society of Ottawa and Renfrew County programming.

 You will be in good company too.

Going forward you will have the MP3 recordings for future times of need!

 Thank you my dear friends and community!

"The Hennessy Greens"!!
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