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Your Impact

Since 1980, the Dementia Society has been connecting people living with dementia and their caregivers to free programs, resources and information that help them stay active, get social and live meaningful lives.

All funds the Dementia Society receives stay in our community to benefit people here.

Dementia by the Numbers

  • There are over 24,000 people in Ottawa and Renfrew County living with a diagnosis of dementia. By 2030, this number is expected to double.
  • One in 5 people would avoid seeking help for as long as possible if they thought they had dementia, perhaps to avoid the associated stigma.
  • 9 people are diagnosed with dementia every hour in Canada.
  • 1 in 5 Canadians has experience caring for someone living with dementia.

Every Dollar Counts

Join the Dementia Society BrainyActive Challenge this September and help us ensure that no one faces dementia alone in Ottawa and Renfrew County.

We help people in our communities impacted by dementia, by providing:

    How We Help

As a community resource, The Dementia Society offers a range of social, recreational and caregiver peer support to people in Ottawa and Renfrew County, thanks to the support of provincial funding, and thousands of donors, volunteers and supporters who sustain our efforts.

Help us to reach our goal of $125,000. Every dollar counts to ensure people living with dementia in our region and the people who care for them receive the support, education and programming needed to live well with dementia.

What your donation achieves



To learn more about The Dementia Society of Ottawa & Renfrew County visit: