Heroes Wanted! Sponsor a Special Needs Cat Today!

Your generous recurring sponsorship gift supplies dependable income to help cats and kittens with special needs like neurological issues, broken limbs, chronic conditions and more. Your support allows us to save and provide some of Chicago's neediest cats with the care and comfort they deserve while they wait for their new home and family.

Benefits: Receive four cards a year from your sponsor cat, an open invitation to visit your sponsor cat anytime we are open to the public, and some good kitty karma!

Find your Sponsor Cat!

Lucky the Lepre-cat!   
Lark: The Mullet Man
In spite of what they say about black cats, I do have a bit of a lucky streak! When I was a kitten, I was hit by a car, but I was fortunately rescued, made my way to Tree House, and healed just fine! I am a sweet girl, and my paws are crossed that this will be my lucky summer to get adopted!     Some people call it "business in the front; party in the back"—but I call it party all the time (or at least when there's treats around.) I'm a scruffy boy with a big appetite and a bigger heart! Sponsor me to stay in the loop of my adoption (and hair re-growth) story! 
The Cat Café Cats: "The Fab (FeLV+) Fam"      Garfunkel & the Colony Crew! 
Catfe cats.jpg
        Garfunkel & the Colony Crew
Cat and coffee lovers unite! We're a crew of cats living in the Tree House Cat Café. We are all FeLV+ (Feline Leukemia Virus)—but that doesn't mean we can't live healthy lives in a home with human parents! Follow us on our journey to our furr-ever homes!      Did you know that Tree House cares for thousands of outdoor cats across Chicago? We're a scrappy bunch of kitties living outdoors, but it's not as scary out there when you have a stellar colony caregiver like we do. Sign up to learn more about our lives in a managed colony! 

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