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Your generous recurring sponsorship gift supplies dependable income to help cats and kittens with special needs like neurological issues, broken limbs, chronic conditions and more. Your support allows us to save and provide some of Chicago's neediest cats with the care and comfort they deserve while they wait for their new home and family.

Benefits: Receive four cards a year from your sponsor cat, open invitation to visit your sponsor cat anytime we are open to the public, and good kitty karma!

Find your Sponsor Cat!

The Great Fondoo aka "Mr. Magic"  
Purrnino aka "Sunshine Kitty"
Sponsor The Great Fondoo
    Sponsor Purrnino
Hiya! I was a stray who was luckily brought to Tree House. I was fine at first, but started losing my balance and falling. It turned out to be a neurological problem. Don't worry - I'm still a happy & magical cat! When people visit, my first act is to flop on their lap for pets! My second act is playing with my magic wand toy! (This is what makes my food & treats appear.) Guess what my finale is? I make the food and treats disappear! Ta da!
    Hi! I love to make friends, get pets, be brushed and eat! I make happy greeting mews to visitors - feline & human.
But life wasn’t always so nice - I used to be homeless. When I came to Tree House I found out I have a very rare kind of diabetes, but I get daily medication & catastic care.
While waiting for my furrever home, I like to play with the humans and hang out on the “catio” to get sunshine!
Peaches, Hallie & Acadia aka "The Golden Girls"     Sherlock aka "The Super Sleuth"
Sponsor The Golden Girls
    Sponsor Sherlock
Peaches here! We are called the "Golden Girls" because we are gorgeous and we are very senior kitties! We enjoy spending our days lounging, having treats and discussing the goings-on. In warmer months we love soaking up the sunshine.
In September of 2017 we moved to a high rise! We have a maid too - although other people call her a "foster mom." Either way, she is really nice and we are thinking of making her an honorary "Golden Girl!"

    Sherlock here. I come from the streets and have done a lot of sleuthing to survive. I was brought to Tree House where Dr. E discovered that I had FeLV (Feline Leukemia Virus). Since Tree House specializes in special, I was put in an adoption room with other charismatic FeLV cats.
I like to talk to cats & humans. I observe what they do, and ask them questions - as I heard someone on the premisis has Nepeta Cataria, also know as catnip. I will get to the bottom of this case!

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