Steps for Life 2024 - National Online Event

Tim enjoyed his life, time with family, friends, sports. Forever loved and forever missed.
Tim enjoyed his life, time with family, friends, sports. Forever loved and forever missed.

Tim's Sole Team

Welcome to Tim's Sole Team Steps for Life team's home page.

If you are able to help us reach a goal of $1,500 that will provide for 1 new family member to attend an in-person family forum. There they will have an opportunity to learn healthy coping skills from others, share in workshops and realize they are not alone. 

We honour and reflect on Tim's life when we participate in Steps for Life. We know that through Steps for Life season other family members will find Threads of Life and receive that support. Awareness is a key to prevention and Steps for Life certainly helps to create the awareness of workplace safety.  

We have had the opportunity to meet hundreds of family members like ourselves who want to help change the culture of workplace safety. 

We want to take this moment to thank you for your ongoing support. 

Did you know that each year, tens of thousands of Canadian workers come home forever changed? And every year, roughly a thousand don’t come home at all. Their families, friends and co-workers will rally together to be there for one another. We formed a team for this year’s Steps for Life event to walk with communities across the country, united, knowing that together we are changing the future for all those affected by workplace tragedies.

Thank you for your support.

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To learn more about how Threads of Life supports families affected by workplace fatalities, life-altering injuries and occupational disease, visit

PS: Want to share in what it’s all about? Share your support for #StepsForLife on socials and connect virtually with those wearing yellow Steps for Life T-shirts from coast to coast!

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