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Create a Tribute Page in Honor or Memory of Someone

The Mary Kay Foundation Tribute Pages are dedicated to the life of loved ones who have passed on or in honor of someone that you would like to recognize. Each page tells the story of a special person and provides the opportunity to make an online donation in tribute to them. We’ll provide you with a URL for your page and an email tool for inviting your friends and family to visit your tribute page.

How it Works...

Step 1. Create your Tribute Page using our quick form. Include a story about your loved one, and upload favorite pictures to your photo album.  

Step 2. Send our sample email to your friends and family. Edit it, forward it or post the link on your blog, website or MySpace/Facebook profile.  

Step 3. Say thank you to your donors! You’ll be notified whenever a gift is made and we’ve supplied a thank you email. Personalize it or write your own.

If you like, you can also upload photo albums, receive guest messages from your friends, and more.

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