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Adopt-A-Seal® - Zachary

Only half her normal weight -


Although very skinny and starving at the time of her rescue, Zachary was feisty and quickly showed volunteers that she was going to fight for a second chance at life. 

Zachary, along with many other fellow Northern fur seals fell victim to the warmer ocean temperatures off the California coast which made food hard to come by. Pups like Zachary was weaned much too early, before they were able to hunt for fish on their own. Zachary's feistiness contined while in our care and soon she gained enough weight and foraging skills to return to her ocean home.

When you adopt a past patient like Zachary you help us care for current and future patients in need and give them a second chance at life.

Adopting Zachary as a gift? Need it sooner than a week? Not to worry - you will also receive a link to a printable, temporary certificate you can present to the recipient.




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