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Adopt-a-Seal® Langly & Sprout Exclusive Digital Download!
Adopt-a-Seal® Langly & Sprout Exclusive Digital Download!

Adopt-a-Seal® Langly & Sprout

Adopt-a-Seal® Langly & Sprout Certificate

Adopt-a-Seal® Langly & Sprout – Sea Otter Companions

You can adopt Langly and Sprout together and receive this exclusive digital-only Adopt-a-Seal® today.

Southern sea otter pup Langly was orphaned when her mother received a fatal bite from a great white shark. Luckily, her mother was able to get Langly safely to shore, where The Marine Mammal Center’s trained responders were able to rescue her.

After about a month at our hospital, Langly was joined by another young sea otter. Sprout was rescued by the Monterey Bay Aquarium and treated for exposure to domoic acid. This toxin produced by harmful algal blooms can contaminate the shellfish that both otters and humans enjoy.

Langly and Sprout immediately formed a strong bond and spent much of their time at the Center swimming and playing together.

When Sprout first arrived at our hospital, she needed a name. Thanks to kind and creative people like you, she received more than 800 name suggestions and more than 4,500 votes to determine the winning name.

Thanks to people like you, Sprout not only got her name, both she and Langly got a second chance at life. Show your support for sea otter patients like Langly and Sprout by adopting them together today.

Adoption Details
Langly & Sprout is an exclusive digital-only Adopt-a-Seal®. When you adopt Langly and Sprout, you’ll automatically be able to download your adoption certificate that shares their photo and story on the back. Thanks to your generosity, you’ll make a difference in the lives of marine mammals like Langly and Sprout. Please note – this is a digital certificate; you will not receive a certificate in the mail!

Download your digital Adopt-a-Seal® today!