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Adopt A Seal - KP2

Monk Seal Adoption

Adopt KP2.

Just a few days old and with no mother in sight, KP2, later renamed Hō’ailona, was rescued from a beach on the island of Kauai in 2008. This rare Hawaiian monk seal became the unofficial mascot for the mission to save his endangered species, of which only 1,100 seals currently remain. The Hawaiian monk seal is declining at a rate of 4% per year and without intervention, they will be gone from the planet within our lifetime. 

In 2012, The Marine Mammal Center broke ground on the Big Island in Hawaii for a facility dedicated to the care and conservation of Hawaiian monk seals. The name of this facility is Ke Kai Ola, or The Healing Sea.  This facility is our greatest hope to save this species.

When you adopt KP2 your donation goes towards building the new rescue facility to save the Hawaiian monk seal.

Each adoption includes a personalized adoption certificate and your own personal Hawaiian monk seal. 

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