Sportsmen Support BLM's Revised Land-Use Planning Rule

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The Bureau of Land Management oversees 245 million acres of America’s public lands—in fact, in the West, chances are that you have hunted or fished on BLM land. The BLM recently revised their national strategy for how these lands are managed. This revised land-use plan was designed to give you more of a say in how your public lands are managed and to create more transparency in federal agency decision making.

The revised planning rule, known as Planning 2.0, provides more transparency between the BLM and the public and incorporates three additional opportunities for you to weigh in on important land management decisions through an improved public process. This ensures that the BLM has the best available information at the start of the planning process, before issuing draft management plans.

Hunters and anglers have already worked tirelessly with the agency to revise this planning process and address how to responsibly manage the most important and vulnerable areas of high quality habitat in the BLM’s future plans. Don’t let Congress roll back this rule and take away your voice in how our public lands are managed.

Urge your senator to protect your voice and support Planning 2.0. To make an even greater impact, show your unique support by editing the subject line and/or the letter provided.


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Dear [Decision Maker],

I am a sportsman and an American who cares about our public lands and how they're managed. I recognize the importance of Bureau of Land Management public lands to the future of fish and wildlife habitat and to our nation's hunting and fishing heritage. The BLM's revised land-use planning rule, known as Planning 2.0, improves and balances the land management process for millions of acres, and I urge you to support implementation of the new rule by the new Secretary of the Interior and DOI staff.

Please do not stifle my voice in public lands management. I ask that you instead support the BLM's revised land-use plan, Planning 2.0, which includes improvements that stakeholders have been calling for and addresses concerns from the full spectrum of cooperating agencies. The Planning 2.0 Rule is a productive step toward improving fish and wildlife habitat and achieving balance in how our public lands are managed for all uses.

Thank you for your consideration and support.