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Hunters and anglers know that the Conservation Reserve Program is America’s greatest private land conservation program, but changes made by Congress in the last Farm Bill have caused USDA to turn away thousands of farmers who wish to enroll millions of acres of in habitat and clean water conservation. Sign the petition and tell Congress to build a CRP that WORKS—for soil, water, wildlife, and sportsmen!


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Sportsmen want Congress to strengthen conservation on private lands

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am an American conservationist who values the important voluntary contributions that private landowners make to habitat conservation, clean water, and outdoor recreation. I'm asking Congress to recognize the needs of America's agricultural producers, hunters, anglers, and wildlife when considering the Conservation Reserve Program in the 2018 Farm Bill, by reauthorizing the program at a level that will sustain enrollment of at least 35 million acres nationwide.

Private lands managed by America's farmers, ranchers, and forest owners provide fish and wildlife with irreplaceable habitat and food sources. Pheasants, quail, wild turkeys, whitetail deer, black bears, salmon, and countless other species have rebounded thanks to our country's 30-year investment in the Conservation Reserve Program. Without a strong CRP, the northern plains states would lose much of their duck breeding habitat, greater sage grouse in the West would be at greater risk of population decline, and eastern brook trout would disappear from our headwaters. Without CRP, 40 million American sportsmen and women would lose access to private hunting and fishing grounds, and rural communities that depend economically on outdoor recreation would lose an important source of revenue.

Farmers, ranchers, and forest owners want to enroll millions of private acres in the Conservation Reserve Program, yet Congress continues to shrink the program with each enacted Farm Bill. I know that CRP works for America's agricultural producers, sportsmen, fish, and wildlife, and I want lawmakers to reverse this trend by authorizing at least 35 million acres of CRP in the next Farm Bill.

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