Protect Law Enforcement on Your Public Lands


While nobody likes the law looking over their shoulder, lawlessness is even worse. And a bill called H.R. 622, the “Local Enforcement for Local Lands Act,” proposed by Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz—the same lawmaker who recently withdrew his proposal to sell 3.3 million acres of your public lands—seeks to eliminate federal law enforcement officers from our public lands. Poachers, thieves, vandals, and those with no respect for fish and wildlife habitat would run unchecked throughout 640 million acres of America's public land.

Imagine shed hunters driving their trucks across winter range and chasing mule deer and elk in hopes of an antler falling off. Imagine parking at the trailhead and hiking for an hour in the dark to get to your favorite elk hunting spot and watching someone illegally drive their ATV up the hiking trail, blowing all the game out of the area. Not only would this be frustrating, but you’d have little recourse if H.R. 622 were to pass. Lawbreakers would be emboldened and seldom held accountable for their misconduct.

Sportsmen recently proved that we can kill proposals that are bad for our public lands. Now, we must take action again and work together with other interests to shut down yet another ill-conceived proposal. Promoting a disregard for all laws in our favorite hunting and fishing lands would have drastic negative effects.

Urge your representative to oppose H.R. 622 today.


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Dear [Decision Maker],

As an American sportsman who supports the responsible management of our public lands, I encourage you to reject H.R.622, the "Local Enforcement for Local Lands Act."

The law enforcement of our country's greatest resources - our public lands and wildlife - should not be undermined.

Thank you for your consideration of my request.