Take Action: The Next Step for the Elliott State Forest

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Recently, sportsmen and women took action and asked the Oregon State Land Board not to sell the 84,000-acre Elliott State Forest so that hunting, fishing, and other priceless outdoor recreation opportunities can continue. The Land Board came through for Oregon families and countless visitors by voting unanimously to keep the Elliott in public hands.

Now it is up to the Oregon Legislature to follow through. State legislators need to hear from you NOW so they will take a stand for a public solution for the Elliottone that will protect access and recreation, critical habitat, and cultural values, while producing a sustainable supply of timber to fulfill the fiduciary obligation to the Common School Fund.

You may have spoken up before—and you were heard—but it is critical that you speak up again. Ask your legislator to support the complementary proposals offered by Senator Roblan and Governor Brown to keep the Elliott public while continuing to support Oregon's Common School Fund.

If sportsmen do not weigh in with legislators now, we could still lose out.

Make your voice heard today by sending the letter below. To ensure these are read, we encourage you to create unique subject lines. And for the greatest impact, consider personalizing the letter itself and show your elected offiicials how important the Elliott is to you and your family.


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Dear [Decision Maker],

Sportsmen and women consider the 84,000-acre Elliott State Forest to be one of the best recreation areas on the Oregon coast, providing unmatched experiences for local hunters, anglers, and all who enjoy the outdoors. These lands are a major contributor to Oregon's $12.8-billion outdoor recreation economy and provide critical access to quality places to hunt and fish.

Coupled with responsible bonding from Gov. Brown's plan, .SB. 847 would benefit sportsmen and all Oregonians. I ask that you support both efforts to ensure the Elliott State Forest remains in public hands.