Sportsmen's Country

America’s 245 million acres of Bureau of Land Management (BLM) public lands are some of the best places to hunt and fish left on the planet. These lands are “Sportsmen’s Country,” and their future management is currently being reevaluated by public land managers. 

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Public lands need proper management and funding

Dear Decision Maker:

This is my bottom line: I expect my decision makers to honor and support a system of belief on public lands management that allows our great American traditions of hunting, fishing, and enjoying the outdoors to flourish. In addition to keeping America's public lands in the public's hands, I request that you actively work to:

- Conserve important habitats, including critical winter range, sensitive watersheds, big game migration corridors and stopover habitat
- Safeguard special places where hunting and fishing are the highest and best use
-Support the existing authority of state fish and wildlife management agencies to manage fish and wildlife populations.
- Guarantee the sporting public a voice in how their public lands are managed
- Ensure that energy development is balanced with the needs of fish and wildlife habitat and take active steps to reduce impacts
- Maintain existing public access and secure future access to currently inaccessible public lands
- Keep decision making authority for public lands in the hands of federal public land agencies while supporting strong state and local collaboration
- Provide Federal land management agencies the tools and funding necessary to effectively manage our public lands
- Fund and facilitate habitat improvement and restoration to boost fish and wildlife populations
- Address the significant costs of wildfire and wildfire suppression activities that currently shift money away from the annual management budgets of public land agencies
- Work together with public land stakeholders to collaboratively address 21st century land management challenges in ways that protect and restore fish and wildlife habitat

Thank you for considering my comments to improve our public lands and the hunting and fishing opportunities they provide.

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