Conserve America's Longest Mule Deer Migration

Mule DeerEvery spring and fall during the Red Desert to Hoback mule deer migration, thousands of animals travel more than 150 miles between their winter ranges in the low-elevation Red Desert of southwest Wyoming to the high alpine country south of Jackson. The deer that travel this corridor pass through public and private lands, crossing fences, highways, and rivers as they complete the second-longest land migration in North America. 

Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke prioritized the conservation of big-game winter range and migration corridors through a recent secretarial orderwhich directs federal agencies to collaborate with states and private landowners to develop guidelines for improving the management of such areas

BLM Q3&4 Leases in RD2H.jpgUnfortunately, the Bureau of Land Management is considering leasing a number of parcels within the Red Desert to Hoback migration corridor. The leasing of these lands for energy development could degrade this crucial habitat and reduce the amount of usable winter range for mule deer. This herd has already suffered population decline and habitat loss due to energy development, resulting in fewer available tags and shorter hunting seasons. Sportsmen and women cannot allow this vital habitat to be compromised.

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Delay Energy Leasing in Vital Mule Deer Habitat

Dear [Decision Maker],

The Bureau of Land Management's proposed 2018 Third and Fourth Quarter Oil and Gas Competitive Lease Sale in western Wyoming includes a number of parcels located within the Red Desert to Hoback Mule Deer Migration Corridor. Every spring and fall, thousands of animals travel 300 miles round-trip through these lands in what is the second-longest land migration in North America.

Long-term research shows that energy development can have deleterious effects on mule deer populations, and the proposed sale of these leases stands in conflict with the Department of the Interior's commitment to "improving priority habitats...across western states" as expressed in Secretarial Order 3362, Improving Habitat Quality in Western Big-game Winter Range and Migration Corridors.

Please act to ensure that the BLM defers the sale of leases that overlap with the corridor until the completion of the BLM Rock Springs Resource Management Plan and implementation of S.O. 3362. The Red Desert to Hoback Migration Corridor is too important to Wyoming's deer herds and its hunting traditions to put at risk without careful analysis and planning.

I appreciate the opportunity to express my views and I hope that the BLM will act on behalf of wildlife and hunters when considering these proposed leases.

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