Last chance to improve management on Nevada public lands

There are important decisions being finalized by the BLM right now that will impact wildlife, access, and hunting on 5.3 million acres of public lands in Nevada. The BLM is finalizing its resource management plan for the Carson City district, which will guide land management in the western portion of central Nevada for the next twenty years. Sportsmen have raised and invested many millions of dollars in desert bighorn sheep recovery, as well as mule deer and pronghorn antelope conservation, in this area. 

sheep.jpgNow is your final opportunity to protect this investment and ensure that our public lands are responsibly managed for habitat, hunting, and access. This means not only convincing the BLM to conserve our best wildlife habitat from inappropriate development, but also urging the agency to place a strong emphasis on active management.  

We have provided the following form letter for your use. We encourage you to add to this letter if you have additional information to share, or if you have a personal understanding of BLM lands within the Carson City District.

Stand up for sportsmen's access and quality wildlife habitat in Nevada today!


  • Michael Courtney
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Sportsman Comments on Carson Draft RMP

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am a sportsman who cares about public lands management within the Carson City District. Nevada sportsmen have raised and invested many millions of dollars and donated tens of thousands of volunteer hours to facilitate desert bighorn sheep recovery on BLM public lands, and they have been ardent supporters of mule deer and pronghorn antelope habitat conservation. These BLM lands provide outstanding hunting opportunities for the public, and I am passionate about seeing these resources conserved.

It is important to me that the Carson City Final RMP implement the direction outlined in Secretarial Orders 3347 and 3356 on hunting and fishing and 3362 on wildlife conservation. One effective tool for the BLM to do so is the Backcountry Conservation Area. This management approach should be utilized by the BLM to conserve the Excelsior Range, Gillis Range, and Gabbs Valley Range and to prioritize active habitat restoration and enhancement, allow for guzzler development and maintenance, and retain important public access for hunting and other recreation. Such measures would be key steps towards fulfilling Secretary Zinke's goals.

It is my hope that the Carson BLM field office will prioritize sportsmen's interests and include Backcountry Conservation Areas in the final Carson City Resource Management Plan.

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