Farm to Seaport

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) in the Seaport: Fresh Veggies Delivered from Trustees Farms to Your Neighborhood! The Trustees is offering a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) pick-up in 2018 at District Hall (Corner of Seaport Blvd & Fan Pier Blvd, Boston). Eat well and do good: get freshly harvested produce delivered right outside your doorstep and support local farming!

The CSA runs for 20 weeks, starting June 28 and ending November 8, 2018. Pick-up is on Thursdays from 2:30–6:30PM. Cost for the full season is $500; just $25 per week and not more than many of us spend on coffee each week!

Registration is available throughout the summer and fall on a rolling, pro-rated basis (we take $25 off the full season price for each week you’ve missed). To sign up, please email our CSA Coordinator, at or call 978.356.5728 x4115.

CSA members will receive a seasonal selection of vegetables from Trustees farms just outside Boston. Accompanying the CSA pick-up, we will have a mobile farmers market featuring meat, milk, cheese, eggs, and other local goodies from Trustees and other Massachusetts farms.

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