Trustees Meat CSA

Please use the form below to purchase your Trustees Meat CSA share. For more information about the Trustees Meat CSA, click here.

Choose between twice-a-month and once-a-month pickups, each of which will include 7 lbs. of frozen beef, pork, chicken, and/or lamb per pickup. We can accommodate a limited number of special preferences (e.g. no pork, no lamb, beef-only). Please select your preference and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

You may also add two dozen free-range eggs (per month) to your share; extra eggs may be available on a retail basis, but we're only making promises for two dozen eggs per share per month!

You are signing up for a monthly subscription; your Trustees Meat CSA subscription will automatically renew and your credit card will be charged each month. We require a 3-month minimum subscription, and we strongly recommend at least 6 months to ensure you get to try a full seasonal selection of the delicious meats we offer. Although we hope you stay with us throughout the year, you can cancel your subscription at any point after the 3-month minimum period. Cancellations can be submitted via email to and require a 30 day processing period.

Upon registration, we will contact you with your first pick-up date and a schedule of upcoming pick-ups.

Finally, don't forget to sign up for our blog! While we will occasionally email you directly with important logistical information, we try not to clutter your inbox with emails. The blog is where we share information on share contents, cooking tips and recipes.

Trustees Membership Status

Please select your current Trustees membership status.

Select a Membership Level

Selected level: Family
Annual dues: $70
  • Two adults ages 18–64 and children or grandchildren (up to 18 years old).
  • Income tax deduction: $70
  • Free or discounted admission for two adults and family to all reservations.
  • 20% off regular Crane beach admission.
  • Opportunity to purchase two Crane Beach Parking Permits.
  • Quarterly issues of our award-winning Special Places magazine.
  • Property guide book.
  • Discounts at two unique B&Bs and two campgrounds.
  • Discounts on hundreds of events and programs.

CSA Share Options

Pick-up Frequency
Each pickup includes 7 lbs. of frozen beef, pork, chicken, and/or lamb. Price is per month, and will be automatically charged to your credit card on a monthly basis.

Would you like to add two dozen free-range eggs to your share each month? Twice-a-month members may take 1 dozen each pickup; once-a-month members take 2 dozen at once. Price is per month and will be automatically charged to your credit card on a monthly basis.

Meat Preferences
Please select your meat preferences.

Would you like to pay the full amount now or make a deposit?
If you select deposit, half of your share price will be charged now, while the remainder will be charged in three months.

Pick-up Location

Click here for details on pickup days and time at each location.

Secondary Shareholder
Are you sharing your Meat CSA or do you have someone else that will be picking up your share for you? Enter their name and email below.

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Secondary Shareholder Email

To purchase a gift CSA share for someone else, enter the recipient's name in the secondary shareholder field and note in the comments section that the share is a gift for that person.

Notes or Comments (optional)

Additional Contribution
Consider making an additional contribution to support The Trustees agricultural programs.

Employer Matching
Enter the name of your employer below if your employer matches donations made to nonprofits.

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Conservation Circle

The Conservation Circle is a special membership giving group of young professionals and families who are passionate about protecting and enjoying the natural and cultural wonders of Massachusetts. Members who enroll receive invitations to special events throughout the year, regular e- newsletters highlighting Trustees current events and initiatives, and opportunities to connect with like-minded Conservationists. From clearing trails to cooking classes to campouts & Conservation Circle is a great way to deepen your membership experience at the Trustees!

Would you like to be included as part of the Conservation Circle?

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