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Team Addyson

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What is Passion for Children's?

Passion for Children's is a grassroots fundraising campaign, designed for people of all ages, for the exclusive benefit of Children's Health. We encourage participants to pledge to raise a minimum of $100 annually, and choose a specific program, service, clinic and/or research center to benefit from their fundraising.

Everyone may not have the same cause, but Passion for Children's unites fundraisers through hope, courage, vision and determination to make a difference in the lives of children treated at Children's Health.


Why did we start Team Addyson? (A note from her Mommy)

Kert and I were thrilled to be expecting our second daughter.  Like her sister, she was a full term, "healthy" baby, born at the incredible Allen Birthing Center.  I did everything "right".  I ate natural foods, worked out, and stayed fit during my pregnancies.  It was not until a routine 48 hour follow-up visit by our nurse, that we realized something was not right with our sweet little Addyson.  A new test showed her blood oxygen level to be low.  

We were told this could be sign of infection, or something may be wrong with her heart.  We immediately threw our little girl in the car, and headed to Children's Plano.  After an ambulance transfer to Children's Dallas, and many tears, we started on our very long, very unexpected journey.

Addyson is one out of every hundred babies born with a Congenital Heart Defect.  Her specific diagnosis is Pulmonary Atresia.  This means her valve which leads to the pulmonary artery (sends blood to the lungs), was completely sealed close.  Within her first month of life, she underwent a cardiac catheter procedure, to open the valve.  To make a very long story short, Addyson had other plans... did I mention she is quite strong willed?  We returned two more times, to have two additional catheter procedures done.  Each time, Addyson's heart reacted in a way which required further intervention, and finally lead to her first open heart surgery, in February, 2016, at only 5 months of age.  

Addyson is now doing GREAT!!!  She has big brown eyes, and chunky thighs!!  You'd think she was the Heart Center Prom Queen, the way she struts her stuff around there!

Unfortunately, she will need additional open heart surgeries, as she grows.  Her surgery allowed the surgeons to open her valve, and place a linear patch in Addyson's heart.  You may have heard of adults having valve replacements, via cardiac catheter.  Unfortunately, this technology is not yet available for children.  In Addyson's case, specifically, they would not be able to place a new valve, against the patch she has, through a catheter.


This technology is very much within our grasp!!!  That's why every dime we make will go towards furthering research for the cardiac cath lab.  By supporting Team Addyson, you not only help make the future brighter for Addyson, but for the 40,000 babies born each year with Congenital Heart Disease!!

On behalf of Addyson, and the thousands of children you will help in the future, we THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!

~from the bottom of my heart, and one very special little heart ;-)

xoxo Leia Turner (aka Addyson's Mommy)


PS. All donations are tax deductible.  You will receive a tax deduction form upon donation completion.

If you are interested in supporting Team Addyson, and the Heart Center, any further, there are additional donation and volunteer opportunities available.  For more information, or to get involved, call/text my cell at:  469.231.3077.


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