2020 Red Balloon Run & Ride

Mitchell's Magic

Hello Mitchell's Magic Participants! My name is Lauren and I am Mitchell's older sister. I hope that during the 2020 Red Balloon VIRTUAL event we can still make great memories together while we continue to practice social distancing due to the COVID 19 global pandemic. 

This is our TENTH event to get together as team MITCHELL'S MAGIC and support this great cause! I would personally like to thank all of our "veterans" for returning and I am super excited to welcome our new team members.

Mitchell's Magic was formed to honor my BABY BROTHER, Mitchell who will be 16 years old at the time of the Red Balloon Run & Ride. Oh my goodness, does time fly! He was born with a congenital brain tumor, has survived chemotherapy, and countless surgeries. He struggles with left sided hemiparesis (weakness) as a result of hemorrhaging after his brain tumor removal when he was just 6 days old. About 8 and a half years ago, Mitchell had surgery to release the contractures (strong scar tissue) that were causing him to walk with a limp and up on his left toe. After six months of hard work, 3 casts, a leg brace, and hours and hours of physical therapy and rehab, not only was Mitchell able to walk like his friends, he celebrated by running his first 5K Race with his very own team!! And now, years later, it is an annual tradition with friends, family, and our parent's coworkers! Mitchell is now in high school and is on the Carroll High School cross country team.

All of the donations that are earned by our team will again go to the amazing physical and occupational therapists at Children's Health that continue to work with Mitchell weekly to stay strong enough to run this race again!!

In years past, we have sold our team tshirts as our fundraiser. This year, we only bought a few at the very last minute to wear on Saturday. This year, we would appreciate any donations you can give to benefit Childrens Health Physical Medicine and Rehab. Without them, Mitchell wouldn't be the passionate runner that he is today! We know that next year our tshirt fundraising will be back up and running! Ready, Set, Let's Race for a Reason!!

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