Call on Governor Kasich to Grant Clemency for Arthur Tyler

Arthur TylerArthur Tyler has an execution date set for May 28, 2014, despite grave doubt and serious flaws associated with his case.

Mr. Tyler was sentenced to death based for a 1983 murder on the testimony of one man, his co-defendant, Leroy Head, who has repeatedly admitted to committing the crime. His initial trial was so ineffective and laced with racial slurs, he was granted a second trial. Executive clemency is the last chance to correct the serious errors in this case.

Yesterday, April 24, attorneys for Arthur Tyler went before the Parole Board to argue that Arthur Tyler should not only be given clemency-- but should be released.

Today people across Ohio will call on Governor Kasich to grant clemency.

The UCC has long opposed capital punishment. Now the state of Ohio is ready to execute a man who was wrongfully convicted. Please call Gov. Kasich on Friday, April 25, and urge him to grant clemency to Arthur Tyler.

Please call the Governor’s office and leave a message. Tell the Governor:

  • There is too much doubt about who is responsible for this tragic crime to proceed with this execution.
  • Arthur Tyler faces the death penalty and his co-defendant, Leroy Head, is a free man-- that is seriously unfair.
  • I respectfully ask you to grant executive clemency to Arthur Tyler.

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