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Urge Peabody Energy to Protect Our Fresh Water Supply By Reducing Its Global Warming Emissions

Global warming is already having tremendous impacts on our planet’s fresh water supply. In a warming world, wet places will get even wetter and dry places even dryer. While some regions are facing torrential rainstorms and costly flooding, others are increasingly affected by droughts and threatened drinking water supplies.

Unfortunately, large, international energy corporations like Peabody Energy are promoting coal as the solution to our energy needs—and this has huge implications for our planet's increasingly vulnerable water bodies. Coal plants are a primary source of carbon dioxide emissions, the leading cause of global warming, but they also have significant impacts on water quantity and quality as well.

A typical coal-fired power plant drains about 2.2 billion gallons of water each year from nearby lakes, rivers, or oceans—that's enough water to support a city of approximately 250,000 people. Once the water has cycled through the plant, it is released back into the original water source, but this waste water often contains toxic chemicals and can have harmful effects on local plant and animal life.

Peabody Energy is the world's largest private-sector coal company, responsible for two percent of electricity worldwide and the number one coal producer in the United States.

Please contact Peabody Energy and urge them to publicly set a heat-trapping emissions reduction goal and to disclose their plans to reduce the risks related to water use and disposal at their coal-fired power plants.

Please make your letter personal by adding in your own thoughts and concerns. Every letter makes a difference, but customized letters have the greatest effect.

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