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We Need a Healthy Farm Bill

Do you like healthy, locally produced food?

The Farm Bill—the major piece of legislation that directs food and farm policy for the next five years and beyond—is still in flux in Congress. Initial efforts to pass a (flawed) bill in the House of Representatives failed, and farmers and consumers are left waiting for a bill that will prioritize healthy, local food instead of continuing to subsidize unhealthy processed food ingredients.

The good news? We still have time to change this.

Tell your U.S. representative to support a Farm Bill that shifts priorities towards healthy, local food for all, instead of spending more of our taxpayer dollars on unhealthy, processed foods.

Please make your letter personal by adding in your own thoughts and concerns. Every letter makes a difference, but customized letters have the greatest effect!

Click here to learn more about the Farm Bill.

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Dear  Representative,

American farmers and consumers are waiting on you to pass a full Farm Bill--not an extension. Please pass a full Farm Bill that shifts priorities to healthy food and farms, not subsidies for ingredients used in unhealthy, processed foods.

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