Keep California Leading on Climate Change

Our climate is changing and the effects are apparent throughout California, including higher temperatures, more extreme wildfires, and rising sea levels. These changes could have devastating effects on our regional economy, urban infrastructure, public health, recreation, tourism, agriculture, and the environment.

Fortunately, California has been a pioneer in addressing global warming, setting an example for other states and the federal government to follow. However, California's global warming laws are under attack from oil companies and other polluters, and it will require political courage and strong leadership to defend them.

We can—and must—redouble our efforts to minimize the risks of climate change.

Please contact your state legislators and urge them to push for strong, science-based policies to reduce global warming emissions and prepare California communities for the impacts of climate change.

Please personalize the message below to ensure your letter is as effective as possible. Be sure to mention any related expertise you might have, such as climate science or renewable energy.

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