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Just Say No to Flawed, Costly Missile Defense

Did you know that members of the House of Representatives have pushed to add more than a hundred million dollars to this year's budget for a new missile defense site in the United States? Not only did the Pentagon not ask for the money, but this technology is unproven with an abysmal track record.

Here's the reality—building a new missile defense site would not make Americans safer or more secure and could do serious harm to U.S. national security. It would cost more than $3.6 billion in the first five years alone. And it won't work as advertised.

The good news is you can help stop this wrongheaded project before it gains momentum.

Write to your senators to tell them that we don't need a new, unproven missile defense site, that they should oppose funding for it, and, instead, work to alleviate the threat posed by nuclear weapons in more sensible ways.

Three decades after President Reagan's 1983 "Star Wars" speech proposed a strategic missile defense system to protect the United States by knocking down incoming long-range ballistic missiles, the idea is still just a dream.

Tell your senator to just say no to this expensive, unproven new missile defense site.

Please make your letter personal by adding in your own thoughts and concerns. Every letter makes a difference, but customized letters have the greatest effect!

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Please oppose funding in this year's budget for a new missile defense site. Building a new site in the midwestern or eastern United States would not make us safer or more secure.

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