Demand Global Corporations Eliminate Deforestation from Their Beef

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Tropical forests, often wild and untouched, are relentlessly being cut and torched in South America primarily to make room for beef production. The devastation releases enormous amounts of global warming emissions, deprives vulnerable local communities of a valuable resource, and destroys the habitat for wildlife, such as sloths and jaguars. But large multinational corporations have the power to help end the destruction.

A new Union of Concerned Scientists report shows 13 companies—Burger King, ConAgra, Hormel, Jack Link's, Kroger, Mars, McDonald's, Nestlé, Pizza Hut, Safeway, Subway, Walmart, and Wendy's—currently all fail to guarantee their beef products, such as Jack Link's beef jerky and Burger King's hamburgers, are deforestation-free.

While reducing your personal beef consumption can reduce your individual climate impact, corporations would have a much bigger impact as the direct purchasers of their beef if they adopt deforestation-free policies and practices and work with their suppliers to implement them.

Write these global companies today and tell them enough is enough—they must do their part to end tropical deforestation.

Read our new report, Cattle, Cleared Forests, and Climate Change, to see how these companies scored on their deforestation-free beef commitments and practices, and check out our latest blog post on this issue.

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