Demand BP Stop Funding Climate Deception

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As leaders and businesses around the world tackle the challenges of global warming and begin to take action, fossil fuel companies can and must acknowledge both climate science and the global political consensus to act on climate change. Unfortunately, new analysis by the Union of Concerned Scientists shows that eight major fossil fuel companies have failed to make a clean break from climate denial or disinformation, and none of them are planning for a world free of global warming pollution.

It's time for us to hold corporations accountable for climate deception.

BP affirms climate science in its direct communication and has made some progress by leaving the American Legislative Exchange Council, an industry group responsible for disseminating climate disinformation to politicians. However, BP still funds the Western States Petroleum Association and is on the board of the American Petroleum Institute, groups responsible for spreading disinformation about climate science and downplaying the need for climate action.

Tell BP you are fed up with attacks on science. BP must stop blocking progress on climate change through its industry group funding.

Please make your letter personal by adding in your own thoughts and concerns. Every letter makes a difference, but customized letters have the greatest effect!

Get more information by reading our new analysis, The Climate Accountability Scorecard.

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Please send this message to John Mingé, chairman and president of BP America

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We hope you will use your positions in WSPA and API to get these industry groups on the right track and stop fueling disinformation on climate science.

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