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In just the first few days of his presidency, President Trump has made his lack of support for science-based decision making clear. He's nominated people who've spent their careers challenging public health protections and critical science-based safeguards to key positions within his cabinet. And some of the political appointees he's placed in federal agencies initially told scientists they can no longer speak to the media or use social media about scientific topics. A top Environmental Protection Agency official even suggested that scientific work will be reviewed by political appointees and that climate change content will be removed from the agency's website.

Scientists and their allies have pushed back hard, and the new administration is now walking back some of these announcements. We must keep the pressure on. Stand up for science and stop the new administration from putting politics before science at the expense of our health and the environment.

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Stand Up for Science

To: President-elect Trump

As you forge a new path forward for America, it is vitally important that science and a respect for the facts guide your decision making. We, the undersigned, believe that:

* rigorous, independent science should inform government policy, corporate practices, and consumer choices;

* people who are appointed to lead critical agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency should have demonstrated support for the agencies' mission;

* America's Founding Fathers understood the importance of science to building a strong nation and sustaining the prosperity, health, and security of its citizens;

* America should continue to be a global leader in science and innovation;

* we can strengthen American democracy by advancing the essential role of science, evidence-based decision making, and constructive debate as a means to improve the lives of all people; and

* all scientists should be free to conduct and speak out about their research without fear of retribution or censorship.

We stand with science, and will hold you to the same standard.

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