Tell Your Senators to Defend Our Science-Based Safeguards

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With the Trump transition team's history of attacks on science, the risk of industry-prompted attempts to gut some of our most fundamental public health and safety protections—such as the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts—has hit a new high.

We all deserve to know that our air and water is clean and our homes, workplaces, schools, and communities are safe.

As our elected officials gear up for the new session, let's make sure we send the message loud and clear to our senators: we will hold them accountable for how they vote on science-based safeguards. Add your name to this letter today.

As attacks on science make their way through Congress, we will hand deliver these letters with all the signatures from their constituents—including yours—to show we are holding our senators accountable to prioritizing their state's safety over industry profit.

Learn more about how the Trump administration and Congress should use science to govern. Read our blog posts on standing strong for science and democracy, racism and mysogyny, and women scientists pledging for democracy.

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Please Sign This Letter to US Senators

Protect Our Safeguards

To: Senators

As your constituents, we ask you to fulfill your mission to protect the public health and safety of your state's residents by not sponsoring or voting for any attempts to dismantle science-based safeguards or federal agencies' ability to carry out their legal responsibilities.

President Trump's policy positions, as well as his transition team's history of attempts to roll back vital safeguards, is alarming and can deeply affect the health, well-being, and prosperity of our state. From renewable energy to infrastructure safety, we also believe there are tremendous economic opportunities that come with protecting our health and environment.

Our families, colleagues, and neighbors deserve representation that protects their health and safety, and we hope you will be a champion for these protections. We look forward to following how you engage on these issues.

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