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The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LA Metro) is about to make a big decision for Los Angeles county residents: transition to clean energy electric buses or commit to another decade of burning natural gas.

Pollution from heavy-duty vehicles, such as transit buses, are one of the largest sources of toxic air pollution in California. Studies have linked this air pollution, which includes nitrogen oxide and particulate matter, to adverse effects on almost every organ system in the human body.

Fortunately, we have the technology to transition every bus in Los Angeles county from burning natural gas to using electric batteries powered by renewable energy. But the majority of LA's buses still run on fossil fuels, despite having the technology at our fingertips to do better.

Tell the LA Metro to go electric—sign the petition today.

The Union of Concerned Scientists is partnering with, EarthJustice, Environment California, Food and Water Watch, IBEW Local 11, Jobs to Move America, and the Sierra Club to make this happen—and now we need you too.

We'll deliver the petition to LA Metro's board meeting on March 23—and the board of directors will make a decision on whether or not to commit to a clean energy transition in March.

Learn more about the benefits of electric buses.

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Vote for 100% Electric Buses

To: Board of Directors, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Metro has long been a leader in enacting clean air strategies, leading the shift away from polluting diesel buses in California and across the nation. Now is the time to lead again, moving from still-polluting natural gas buses to all electric buses.

I am concerned that Metro is considering purchasing 1,000 compressed natural gas buses (CNG) and want to see my taxes and fares support investments in clean, sustainable electric buses. Electric buses can help clean up our air, create good jobs, improve the rider experience, enhance equity, and fight climate change.

Before Metro approves any new CNG bus purchases, we urge Metro to commit to:

1) Replace Metro's polluting bus fleet with 100% electric buses by 2030 and develop interim benchmarks to measure progress.
2) Commit to job and safety standards to ensure all infrastructure build out is safe, reliable, and durable.
3) Prioritize electrification in bus hubs that serve disadvantaged communities.
4) Ensure that the buses are powered with 100 percent clean energy.

These actions can once again demonstrate the vision and leadership Metro has long been known for and again show how environment, equity, and the economy can go hand in hand.

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