United Methodist Women Census 2018

Local Unit Presidents: Local Unit Presidents are asked to complete this form for the 2018 United Methodist Women census. This year is focused on gathering information that will inform the National office, Conference and District leadership on local efforts in order to plan for growth, outreach and impact.

Census Submission Deadline: Saturday March 30, 2019.

The United Methodist Women will never share contact information outside the organization without permission.


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On the 2017 Census, many local units indicated Facebook (FB) was the preferred type of social media:



Question - Not Required - What additional FB / Social media training would be helpful?



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Mission Giving/Legacy Fund





Spiritual Growth/Transformative Education

Each year United Methodist Women publishes three mission studies for adults related to spiritual growth, a current issue and a geographic area. The 2018 studies are Embracing Wholeness; What About Our Money? and Missionary Conferences. These studies are taught at Mission u (formerly Schools of Christian Mission), a conference- or district-wide event.







Living the Charter for Racial Justice

Question - Not Required - In the past year, has your unit engaged in programs related to racial justice?

Question - Not Required - As we seek to understand the racial and ethnic diversity of our national membership, please share with us the current demographics of your local unit. Is your unit:

Question - Not Required - As your local unit is planning for "Increase" in 2019 and 2020, which activity can you commit to as an entry point for new women (Check all that apply)

Question - Not Required - What resources does your unit need to further the work of United Methodist Women? (check all that apply)

Question - Not Required - Which social justice priority Campaign is your unit currently working on? (check all that apply)


How are you engaged in this work? (check all that apply)

Question - Not Required - Education

Question - Not Required - Building Relationships

Question - Not Required - Advocacy


Climate Justice

Question - Not Required - In the past year, has your unit engaged in programs related to climate justice?

Question - Not Required - If yes, Did you engage with resources and opportunities provided by any of the following? Please check all the applies:



Question - Not Required - The National Office would like to send you tools for successful engagement in these campaigns; please check all campaigns that you would like to receive more information:


National Mission Institutions



Question - Not Required - If yes, how are you participating/involved?




International Ministries

Question - Not Required - What are your preferred sources for information about United Methodist Women's international mission work? (Check all that apply)



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Question - Not Required - Did any local unit member serve as a leader in the: (check all that apply)



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