United Methodist Women Census 2019


Census Extension: April 30, 2020.


Local Unit Presidents: Local Unit Presidents are asked to complete this form for the 2019 United Methodist Women census.

Greetings Bold Women!

United Methodist Women is celebrating 150 Years!  Throughout the past (2) years your guidance and input has been invaluable as United Methodist Women position themselves for the next 150 years of mission.

This year’s census is focused on giving information and sharing ideas for sustainability and growth!
However, we still need your full participation and count!

Your Feedback

As you have observed, over the past two years the census has evolved from a simple form into a more formal survey that would help inform the work at the national office and conference level. This important feedback was needed in order to plan for strategic growth and measurable impact.

Thank you for your overwhelming response! We’ve had a very productive two years!!! We would like to congratulate Western North Carolina Conference on being the highest reporting conference for the past (2) years.

Highlights from the census:

Strategies for Growth

For several years you have asked us to develop tools to help our organization attract new women from various generations. Along with your feedback we’ve now conducted additional surveys across women members and non-members in the UMC and beyond to understand what new women are seeking.

As a result, we are now in position to develop and test key ideas and strategies for organizational growth as well as, support local mission activities and relationship building.

In 2020, the National office will begin developing new resources, launching targeted giving, piloting a soul care retreat model to introduce women to UMW and testing new, additional membership join options for potential members from various generations alongside of our current “join” model.

Please continue to share your ideas to inform the way we change and grow into the next 150 years!

The United Methodist Women will never share contact information outside the organization without permission.


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