Oppose Disproportionate Cuts to the International Affairs Budget


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Oppose Disproportionate Cuts to the International Affairs Budget

Dear [Decision Maker],

As your constituent, I strongly urge you to support the International Affairs Budget and oppose any more deep cuts to these programs. I am a strong supporter of these programs, which account for only 1% of the federal budget.

It's important that America continue to invest in diplomacy and development programs in order to build a better, safer world. But International Affairs programs have been cut 14% since 2010 and targeted for even steeper cuts. Please know I oppose any additional cuts to these programs because they will harm our ability to help the victims of conflict, disease, and natural disasters and they undermine the type of leadership I think America has to provide in our world.

All over the world, humanitarian and development efforts funded by the International Affairs Budget have saved millions of lives, cured diseases, provided life-saving treatment to those living with HIV, promoted democracy, and built the foundation for local economies all while reinforcing the values of compassion of the United States. These programs leverage significant private charitable contributions and donations.

The International Affairs Budget is an essential part of our national security. I've heard many military leaders, including the current and former Defense Secretaries, say how important development and diplomacy programs are in keeping our country safe. The military can't do it alone. Humanitarian programs help address the root causes of poverty and extremism that continue to threaten our nation. I also know these programs actually help our economy here at home by building new markets and trading opportunities for our products overseas.

For all these reasons, I strongly urge you to support development and diplomacy programs that make up America's International Affairs Budget and oppose any more cuts to these programs.

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