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Cycle for Sight

Registration Options 
There are 3 options for registration:
  • Form a team (you will be team captain)
  • Join an existing team
  • Participate as an individual
Form a Team 
You can create your own team by selecting the "I would like to start a new team" link below. You will be team captain. Individuals can join your team when they register. You can also register and pay for additional individuals during this registration process. You will be asked near the end of your registration if you would like to register anyone else.
Join an Existing Team 
TeamRaiserTo join an existing team, select the link, "I would like to join an existing team" below. A new screen will appear and you will be prompted to search for the team name. Once you enter a team name into the field and search, the results will be shown in a new box below. To join the team, select the word, "Join" to the right of the screen. The screenshot to the right shows where to look.
Participate as an Individual
To register as an individual without a team affiliation, simply select the "I would like to participate as an individual" link below and complete the registration process.

Registration Options

Join a Team or Register as an Individual
Using the links below you can join an existing team or register as an individual participant who is not a part of a team.

Register with an Existing Team


Help Me:
Form a Team
Join a Team
Find a Team

If you would rather form your own team or participate without joining a team, select one of the links below:

I would like to start a new team

I would like to participate as an individual

Enter the team name (or the first few letters of the name). OR leave the box blank and click Search for a Team to display a list of teams you can join.

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