Hike on your Site  

Hikers on trail

Although the Dallas Road route is accessible for people comfortable walking 3.5 km among groups of people, some participants may choose to "Hike on Your Site" You can choose to hike any distance at a park, your favourite walking trail, condo building, retirement residence, or anywhere else that suits you! 

Register as a "Hike on Your Site" participant, choose a time and place that works for you and invite family, friends or co-workers to join you on your self-guided hike, or you can go solo if you prefer. 

Don't forget to share your hike with us! Post your hike photos and tag @victoriahospicesociety on Instagram and @VictoriaHospice on Facebook or Twitter; we want to hear about your "Hike on Your Site" experience!






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We realize many seniors have limited mobility, and may have difficulty traveling to and completing an extended hike.  That's why we now have a new component to the event called "Hike on Your Site".

"Hike on Your Site" provides seniors living in retirement homes and other groups, the opportunity to participate by walking at their own residence. Last year saw five retirement communities participate in "Hike on Your Site". As a group, the retirement homes raised over $5,000. This year we would love to have more communities participate! 

If you would like to host a "Hike on Your Site" please contact: Anita Larsen at anita.rozell@islandhealth.ca or call: 250-361-5538.

There are many benefits for your community to participate in "Hike on Your Site":                         

   - Engaging residents in healthy exercise;
   - Victoria Hospice is a cause near and dear to many seniors;
   - Enjoy a fun event on your recreation calendar;
   - Engage residents’ family members to get involved and turn this into a  family event;
   - The opportunity to set your own Hike route on or off your property;
   - Flexibility with Hike date; can be a day, week or month long event;
   - Educating residents and staff about the services provided by Hospice;
   - Social Media acknowledgment (Victoria Hospice Website, Facebook & Twitter);
   - Mention of your community in our newsletters - reach is 5,000+ people. 
   - Creating fun ideas to raise money;
   - A chance to win the retirement home challenge and win the coveted trophy for a year!