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Protect ISDS in Renegotiated NAFTA


With efforts to renegotiate NAFTA currently underway, the administration is reportedly considering making a proposal on investor-state-dispute settlements (ISDS) that is far less than the original NAFTA.  Reports remain highly concerning with ideas being floated of potential limitations in scope in addition to the reported opt in/opt out proposal.

Tell policymakers to ensure strong ISDS provisions are maintained in a renegotiated NAFTA.


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Dear [Decision Maker],

On behalf of my company and the U.S. vinyl industry, I respectfully ask that Congress and the administration ensure that strong investor-state-dispute settlement (ISDS) provisions are maintained in NAFTA. With efforts to renegotiate NAFTA currently underway, we are concerned over reports that ISDS will be severely limited in scope and application.

Please ensure strong ISDS provisions in any renegotiated NAFTA.

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