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Reduce Student Misbehavior Without Arrests

Student arrests are not effective at reducing acting out behavior, and the overuse of arrest is particularly harmful to minority students. Maryland can become a leader in reducing racial disparities in student arrests by training police in: the availability and effectiveness of alternatives to arrests; the use of objective risk assessments and arrest protocols; and understanding of youth development across diverse cultures, ethnicities and races.

HB 983 / SB 1007 will require that police, prior to their assignment to schools, receive this training. Delegate Craig Rice and State Senator Catherine Pugh are the primary sponsors.

For an issue brief by  Advocates for Children and Youth, click here.


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Reduce Student Misbehavior Without Arrests

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  • Senator James 'Jim' C. Rosapepe
  • Delegate Anne R. Kaiser
  • Delegate Carolyn J.B. Howard
  • Senator Paul G. Pinsky
  • Delegate Frank S. Turner
  • Delegate Sheila E. Hixson
  • Delegate C. William 'Bill' Frick
  • Delegate Kumar P. Barve
  • Delegate Jim W. Gilchrist
  • Senator Mike Miller Jr.
  • Senator Joan Carter Conway
  • Delegate Jay Walker
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