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You can give the gift of education to vulnerable children this holiday season!

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School Starter Kit

EOY 2019 School Starter Kit(s)

You can send a child back to school fully equipped,
with a smart uniform and a backpack stocked with pencils,
erasers, and a math set.

Sports Equipment 

EOY 2019 Sports Equipment  

Sports brings kids together and encourages teamwork.
You can provide a school with soccer balls, basketballs,
and volleyball kits for exercise and recess.

Classroom Furniture

EOY 2019 Classroom Furniture  

You can help children learn in greater comfort by furnishing a classroom with benches, desks and blackboards and chalk. 

Train a Teacher

EOY 2019 Train a Teacher 2.0  

When we write a new catch-up learning curriculum, we need to train teachers to get familiar with it. You can help get them up to speed.

Clean Washrooms at School

EOY 2019 Clean Washrooms at School  

Dirty washrooms spread disease, and keep children and teachers away from school. You can help make bathroom breaks clean and safe.

Help Build a Classroom

EOY 2019 Help Build a Classroom 3.0  

Schools are often targeted in war and conflict. You can help build a classroom and give children a safe place to learn.

EOY 2019 Other Amount

You can help us develop and provide specialized educational programming with an amount of your choice for children who are living with the aftermath of conflict.


If you are in the United States, please donate here.

For inquiries, please call us toll-free at 1.866.927.2445.


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The generosity of our donors allows War Child to continue protecting children and providing war-affected communities with educational, vocational and legal resources. We thank you in advance for your support.

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