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Many of our nation's wildlife species are in trouble. The number of species on the federal Threatened and Endangered Species list has doubled in the last ten years, with over 1000 species listed and many more in the pipeline. We must do more to address problems early on to prevent species from becoming endangered in the first place. Five years ago, the United States Congress and the Administration made an important decision to invest in wildlife and vital natural areas by creating the State Wildlife Grants Program. This program provides federal money to every state for conservation efforts aimed at preventing wildlife from becoming endangered. The Wildlife Conservation Society helps leverage these federal funds using private and foundation assistance through the Wildlife Action Opportunities Fund. This makes the State Wildlife Grants program a win-win for wildlife! Please urge your members of Congress to support the State Wildlife Grants program. As of April 23, 2009, 54 Senators and 87 Representatives have signed letters supporting the State Wildlife Grants Program.


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