Save Gorillas: Stop the Nigerian Superhighway

Tell Nigerian President Buhari to act now before it’s too late

At any minute, bulldozers could plow through one of the last rainforests in Nigeria, destroying hundreds of thousands of acres of ancestral forest, displacing hundreds of indigenous communities, and demolishing some of the last-remaining habitat of the highly endangered Cross River gorilla, as well as other vulnerable species like chimpanzees, forest elephants, and pangolins.

Governor Ben Ayade of Cross River State in Nigeria, plans to build a superhighway through the middle of the state, destroying a national park, adjoining forest reserves, indigenous communities, and wildlife in its wake. The Ekuri people—who have managed the land for thousands of years—are standing up to protect their ancestral land and the wildlife that live there. Let’s stand behind them and show our support.

Sign our petition to Nigerian President Buhari and ask the federal government to protect the rainforests of the Ekuri people and the wildlife that live there before it’s too late.


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