Conflict Minerals Action for WM

Tell the Congress: Protect wildlife and keep armed groups out of DRC mines!

The Administration is considering rolling back a corporate reporting rule that helps protect wildlife like critically endangered Grauer's gorillas from illegal hunting by keeping arms and ammunitions out of mines. And now, Congress could repeal the law that requires the Administration to take action to improve transparency around conflict minerals and help protect the people and wildlife harmed by unregulated and illegal mining in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Conflict mineral transparency requirements help shine a light on the process that produces the phones, computers, jewelry, and other everyday purchases U.S. consumers make. Maintaining U.S. transparency requirements help improve conditions at mining sites for the communities and wildlife that live near them.

So far, the evidence shows that the rule is making a difference and weapons and violence are being eliminated from more mining sites in the DRC.

We need a huge outcry to save the rule and help protect gorillas: tell your Member of Congress to oppose efforts to repeal the conflict minerals rule before it's too late!

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