Save the Ocean Giants

Whales, Sharks and other Giants Need Your Help

The Ocean Giants - whales, sea turtles, sharks, and more are among the world's largest creatures, and some of its most fragile. They all need your help. Migrating thousands of miles across the oceans, they excite our imaginations and touch our souls. Yet the modern world of deep sea oil explorations, factory fishing, and pollution threatens their very existence.

Our world will be a poorer place without the humpback whale, whose haunting mating songs can be heard over vast distances, or the majestic sea turtles that can live for more than 100 years traveling the seas. Please donate today to ensure that these titans of the deep do not become mere legends from the past.

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Changing the Seascape: How WCS Gets Results

With your help, the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) can help to save the vast world of dolphins, whale sharks, and manatees. WCS excels in creating important change on the ground — and under the sea. Across the world’s oceans our conservation team knows how to blend the best science with a commitment to working with local communities and industries to preserve crucial ecosystems and seascapes.

Your gift will have a real impact today. It is an investment in the future of the world’s most amazing animals. In the vast reaches of the ocean, WCS is a making a real difference using these techniques:

Cutting-Edge Science

WCS scientists are analyzing the impacts of climate changes on bowhead and gray whales to figure out where and how the oceans are changing. Working with policy-makers we are charting a more effective path to conservation for the world's largest mammals.

Conservation Solutions

In Bangladesh, a WCS survey revealed nearly 6,000 rare Irrawaddy dolphins. With your help, we will work with the Bangladesh authorities to create a protected area for these dolphins and others endangered marine creatures there.

Local Action

In seaside communities in Madagascar, WCS is successfully creating revenue-generating alternatives to hunting by developing a whale watching industry. We provide detailed information to the oil and gas industry on whale migratory patterns in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans to help these industries avoid harm to the whales.

With your help, WCS will preserve the world of the Ocean Giants. Please donate now.

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