Ninety-Six Elephants

Ninety-six elephants are killed every day in Africa.

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Stop Giving Ivory Air Time

Did you know that the popular PBS series, Antiques Roadshow, regularly appraises ivory carvings on air? Owners of the artifacts may be hoping for a big pay day, but we already know what they are worth: dead elephants.

With African forest elephants on the brink of extinction, placing a value on ivory sends the wrong message to the American public and especially to poachers: that elephants are worth more dead than alive.

Tell the show to stop appraising ivory and help stamp out the black market for ivory in America.

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How many people do you know that watch the show? Or PBS? If we're going to win this, we have to make sure that everyone that watches the show, or cares about the future of elephants, hears about our campaign.


Think elephants are worth more alive than dead? Antiques Roadshow doesn't. Tell them to stop feeding the elephant poaching crisis with their big price tags on ivory antiques.