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Join a Team

To join an existing team, enter its name (or the first few letters) in the “Team Name” field at the bottom of this page. Then click on the "Search for a Team" button at the bottom left. Scroll through the results that appear beneath it to select the team you would like to join.


Join or Start a Team
You can start a new team or join an existing team using the form in the box below.

Join an existing team - search for a team name below


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Join a Team
Find a Team


To find a team, enter the team name (or the first few letters), and then click the "Search for a Team" button. You must click the "Search for a Team" button even if the Team Name is pre-filled. Select the team from the search results returned. PLEASE NOTE: Results will display below the "Search for a Team" button. Please scroll down after clicking the button to select a team to join.

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