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Tell Congress to Defund Wildlife Services

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End Taxpayer Funded Wildlife Killing

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Tell the federal government not to spend your tax dollars slaughtering wildlife.

End Wildlife Killing Contests on our Public Lands

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It is time for the federal government to ensure public safety, the ethical treatment of wildlife and the integrity of ecosystems are valued above barbaric spectacles. It is time to ban wildlife killing contests on our public lands.

Rescind the Wolf Delisting Proposal: Follow the Science

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Join us in standing for wolves by telling Interior Secretary Sally Jewell and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dan Ashe to withdraw the flawed plan to remove wolves from the list of endangered species.

Keep Politics Away from the Endangered Species Act

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Use your vote to block policy riders that seek to undermined the Endangered Species Act and leave rare wildlife without an extinction safety net.

Please Protect the Greater Sage Grouse

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Sage Grouse protection

Reject the new expansion of the Colowyo coal mine

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Tri-State wants to expand into an untouched expanse of public lands only 30 miles from Dinosaur National Monument. Its stripping operations would rip away more than 2,000 acres and destroy what biologists consider priority sage grouse habitat.

Speak Out! It's Time for the President to Get Serious About Moving Beyond Fossil Fuels

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Keep it in the Ground

Support Rural Economic Vitalization Act (H.R. 3410)

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