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America's Great River Needs Your Voice


photo credit: Adriel Heisey

The Rio Grande—from the Colorado-New Mexico state line to Velarde, New Mexico—was designated as one of the original eight rivers to receive the protections of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act. As such, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (“BLM”) is charged with ensuring that the designated values are protected and enhanced.

However, the agency has not upheld its end of the bargain.

Ask Senator Udall to secure funding and issue a directive to the BLM to ensure flows in the Rio Grande are protected.

Note: Only New Mexico Residents are able to act on this action.

Please keep in mind that members of Congress mandate all fields below to be required. We understand if you are not comfortable with providing all of the required information and decide not to complete the action. We promise to have many alerts that will allow you to send your thoughts without so many required fields.


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