Make Our Public Lands Safe for Wildlife


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Sign the Petition to Make our Public Lands Free of Cruel Trapping, Poisoning and Aerial Gunning

Shockingly, trapping, poisoning and aerial gunning—shooting animals from small airplanes or helicopters—are still rampant across our public lands. Trapping and poisoning put all wildlife at risk, including critically imperiled animals like Mexican wolves, wolverine and Canada lynx, and endanger people and their companion animals recreating on our public lands.

Its long past time to make our public lands cruelty free. Help us End the War on Wildlife.

We, the undersigned, support ending the use of cruel aerial gunning, poisoning and trapping on our shared public lands.

Traps and poisons are indiscriminate and kill or maim many non-target animals, including imperiled species and companion animals. Aerial gunning is expensive, ineffective and disturbs other animals and people recreating on our public lands. These archaic tools are an embarrassment to modern science-based wildlife management, are inconsistent with fair chase principles and their usage harms wildlife communities and undermines ecosystem integrity and resilience.

The best available science shows that modern non-lethal management measures are more effective, humane and widely supported by diverse constituents from both rural and urban areas. Modern wildlife management benefits all users of our public lands and protects people, livelihoods and wildlife. The many people who visit our national forests, wildlife refuges, recreation areas and other public lands with their families should be able to do so without fear of being injured or losing a companion animal to a trap or poison.

For the integrity of our public lands, and for the safety of people, our companion animals and wildlife, we call for a ban on aerial gunning, trapping and poisoning on our public lands.  It is time we embrace an ethic of compassionate coexistence.

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